Welcome Doniel Hagee, PT, DPT, OCS

Doniel has joined the staff at our Redmond clinic on 4th street. She comes to us from beautiful Bellingham and we were thrilled to welcome her and her family to Central Oregon. To learn more about this talented physical therapist, mom, endurance runner, gardener and more, read on!

Rebound Physical Therapy: Favorite book to read with your kids?
Doniel Hagee, PT, DPT, OCS: My favorite book to read of my kids is The Magic Treehouse series. There is a historical adventure in every book.

RPT: Most adventurous moment?
DH: Getting married to my husband Billy. We had a sky diving wedding. And believe me, getting married is more terrifying than jumping out of a plane. But it was worth the leap!

RPT: Ideal meal after a long, long, long, run?
DH: … or at anytime at all is…sushi!!!

RPT: Hidden hobby?
DH: I am an aquaponic  fish tank organic gardening chicken farmer in my spare time. My breakfast comes from my back yard!

RPT: Favorite quote from a movie?
DH: “What do you mean you don’t eat no meat? That’s OK I make lamb!” (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). This was always a fun quote during our vegetarian days.

RPT: Sweet or savory snacks?
DH: Sweet and Savory! I love all food. I run to eat.

RPT: Most rewarding moment as a pt?
DH: Every patient is so special. I love seeing the successes both large and small. My favorite recent case was a gentleman who was on Opioids for 9 years and he is now free of them!

RPT: Favorite kiddo… haha totally kidding
DH: lol…depends on the day;)

RPT: Cats or dogs?
DH: Cats, dogs, fish, chickens, horses, cows…I love them all! But my dog “Blu” has my heart.

RPT: Ocean or mountains?
DH: Ocean! I’m a mermaid.

RPT: Best thing about Bellingham?
DH: I love Bellingham, WA. If you have never been, you got to go. There are endless things to do. Great skiing, awesome microbrews, and copious water sports. I will miss paddle boarding and snorkeling with my 4 kids and bonfires on our beach in Birch Bay.

RPT: Most excited for in Bend?
DH: We are so excited for the SUN! I am looking forward to learning to cross country ski and explore new territory. I am originally from the Yakima Valley, in a small town Moxee. It is the second largest hop growing community in the world, so hops are in my blood. I am eager to try all the brews.