Cancer Related Care Program

Physical therapy and cancer treatment:

Cancer can affect many different areas in the body.  Today there are many forms of cancer treatments.  Some of these may include: medication, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.  As cancer recognition and treatment continues to improve, more people are winning the fight against this dreaded disease.  Which means more people will need help recovering and getting back to the active lifestyle they had prior to their diagnosis.

Some of the side effects resulting from cancer treatment that can be addressed with physical therapy include: weight loss, general deconditioning, neuropathy, neural tension, or nerve pain, loss of range of motion, flexibility, strength, or balance, postural changes, and return to work abilities.

Physical therapists will put together a corrective therapeutic exercise program to address any imbalances and assist patients in returning to full function.

For more information on specific physical therapy cancer-related treatments search the cancer blog.

Sport and Spine Cancer Related Care is Available at the Following Locations:

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