Occasionally injuries require external support.  This may be due to pain, instability, or protection for surgical repairs or healing tissues.  All Sport and Spine clinics are certified durable medical equipment providers and are equipped to fit our patients with various braces or slings for shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, back, knee, and lower leg/ankle/foot injuries.  We also can provide other assistive devices such as crutches and instruct in proper use based on any weight bearing restrictions.

Pre-operative care

If you require surgery, your surgeon may refer you to one of our clinics for pre-operative instructions.  Our therapists can fit you with any appropriate brace, sling, assistive device, TED hose compression stockings if needed, and supply a cold therapy unit to control swelling and pain.  Therapists will also instruct patients in post surgical care and precautions to protect the healing tissues and review home exercises to begin the recovery process.

Custom braces

Occasionally braces require a custom fit.  These braces are measured, designed, and manufactured specifically for patient size and medical condition.

2 custom brace categories are available.

Post surgical ACL bracing.  Designed specifically for athletes returning back to higher levels of activity.

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Unloader bracing

Unicompartmental arthritis is an arthritic condition affecting only 1 side of the knee joint.  A custom unloader brace can take pressure off or “unload” the arthritic side of the joint, decreasing pain, improving stability and tolerance for weight bearing activities.

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