Runners Program

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise, with an estimated 36 million participants and 10.5 million people running an average of 100 days or more a year.  Unfortunately, over 50 percent of recreational runners and as high as 90 percent of runners training for a marathon, will sustain a running related injury each year.

The passion to get the runner back to doing what they love, starts with a focus on the runner’s individual running style, gait analysis, and orthopedic evaluation.    Working together to help build a plan for running, shoe selection and targeted exercises, Sport & Spine will help the athlete get back up and running towards their goals.

To help the runner return more quickly, the Sport and Spine Clinic has a highly specialized treadmill, The Alter G.  This equipment can help provide rehab opportunities not available anywhere else in the area.   Runners can utilize the Alter G to begin running sooner as it helps to unweight the body and limit stress, or add training miles with less pounding to the joints.  To experience what the Alter G has to offer, just give the Sport and Spine Clinic a call today.

Our Specialists:

Andrew holds a Bachelors in Exercise Sport Science – Athletic Training from UW – La Crosse. He continued his education and earned his Masters in Physical Therapy from the same university in 2000. Andrew enjoys treating a variety of orthopedic and sports medicine patients. He is the Leaf Pile Run Race Director, the Runner’s Clinic Coordinator for Sport & Spine, and is also the Clinical Coordinator for college internships.

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