Personal Training

Many patients are gym members or interested in joining a gym.  Our clinicians can guide patients through appropriate exercise programs or activity modification, and tailor the program to protect and facilitate healing of injured tissues.  If patients are currently working with a local personal trainer, clinicians can communicate with the personal trainer (with client permission) to further educate the trainer on potential precautions to adhere to or areas to focus on during their exercise program.

Good Health 30 program

Our Weston clinic offers a post-rehab program where patients can continue and progress their recovery and fitness independently in a medical fitness-type atmosphere for at least 1 month after discharge from physical therapy.  Our clinicians will instruct patients in an exercise program based on the diagnosis utilizing equipment patients are already familiar with, and that was used during the rehab process.  The clinicians are also available for any questions or concerns during exercise sessions.  For more questions on the Good Health 30 program, contact the Weston office at (715) 359-8465.

For any other specific questions on personal training, strength and conditioning, and performance enhancement while recovering from or after recovering from an injury, contact our Weston office at (715) 359-8465.