Meet Dr. Luke Wirkus, DTP!

Dr. Luke Wirkus at Sport & Spine Physical Therapy in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.

Name: Dr. Luke Wirkus

Clinic Location: Wittenberg, Wisconsin
Title: Partner/Director of Sport & Spine
What do you like most about working in Physical Therapy?:  

“Seeing the success of our patients” 

JB: Luke, thank you for chatting with me! I’m excited to learn more about you and your community! First off, where are you from?

Luke: I’m from Wausau, WI

JB: Where did you go to school? 

Luke: I went to Concordia University.

JB: What inspired you to get into the physical therapy space?

Luke: I like helping people.

JB: Now for a hard hitting question, what is your favorite fictional character? 

Luke: The Hulk!

Hulk, lifting weights with Dr. Luke Wirkus at Sport & Spine in Wittenberg, WI

JB: What is one thing you wish everyone knew more about the body or physical therapy?

Luke: I wish that more people understood that degenerate change in your back is normal.

JB: What patients or diagnoses are you most excited about treating?

Luke: I really enjoy working with patients who see me for orthopedic issues, and I also like working with athletes.

JB: What is your favorite local spot?

Luke: I like Hammer Down Bar in Mosinee and Zinger & Flingers in Marathon.

JB: Are you involved with any outside organizations? 

Luke: We are involved with the Wittenberg Food Pantry and often accept donations for the cause right here at the clinic.

JB: What do you like to do in your free time?

Luke: I like to hunt, fish, and workout.

Fun fact: Luke often sneaks in some workouts between patients at Sport & Spine. 

JB: Rapid fire! What is your favorite sports team? Favorite color? Sweet or salty? Coffee or tea? Beach or mountains? Stay in or go out?

Luke: Milwaukee Brewers, red, salty, coffee, beach, stay in.

JB: Why do you like working at Sport & Spine?

Luke: I enjoy spending time with my patients.

JB: What is the culture like in your clinic?

Luke: We like to make physical therapy fun and our crew is more like family than co-workers.

JB: Let’s talk more about your community. What activities do you enjoy locally?

Luke: I really enjoy exercise. I also like to wakeboard, hunt, fish, snowmobile, and ride motorcycle.

Big Stone Lake, Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Big Stone Lake in Three Lakes, Wisconsin

JB: What is your favorite local restaurant to go out to eat at?

Luke: I really like Buffalo Wild Wings!

JB: One last question… what is your favorite small business?

Luke: It’s not small, but it’s local to Wisconsin – Fleet Farm!

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